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College Admission Videos

College Admissions VideosWith out college admission “How To” videos, learn how to secure fantastic teacher letters of recommendation that inspire college admissions officers to want to admit you. Learn what you should be doing while you’re on your college tour. Learn about legacy’s role in college admissions. Learn how you can work your way off of an Ivy League waitlist. Getting off of a college waitlist means that you must be proactive and we’ll show you how to effectively do just that.

Learn what not to do in your college essays. Bragging and writing about a trip to Europe are never good ideas. Neither is writing about the soccer game in which you scored the winning goal! Learn what you can do to shine in your essays, to stand out from the pack of applicants. Learn about common mistakes students make when filling out the activity sheet. And learn much more.  Read More >

We hope that our college admission videos inform you on the highly selective college admissions process. And if these “How To” videos can make you laugh just a little but, that’s an added bonus.

Common Mistakes on The Activity Sheet

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Description: Informational Video About Common Mistakes on The Activity Sheet. Learn How to Properly Fill Out Your College Application.

Transcription: Jim: Have you filled out your activity sheet yet for the common application?

Zoe: I just did last night. I put down so many activities the colleges will think I’m really busy.

Jim: I put that I spend 63 hours per week with football.

Zoe: I put down working in a soup kitchen last year over President’s Day weekend and building a house for Habitat one day a couple of weeks ago. It was really cool. The admissions counselors are going to think I really care about other people, that I’m very
giving and generous.

Jim: The admissions counselors will think since I devote so much time to football, it makes sense why my grades are not so hot.


Jim: We are both wrong. Admissions counselors won’t actually think this.

Zoe: What they will think is that we are both not telling the truth. Community service, clearly, is not very important to me if I’m putting down a volunteer activity that I did for a weekend last year or for one day a couple of weeks ago. These kinds of activities, while nice if I really did it for the good of humanity, don’t belong on an activity sheet. It seems like an activity that I did to get into college rather than an activity I am truly passionate about. If I built houses for Habitat every day after school throughout high school, that’s another story. But one day, a couple of weeks ago has no business being on an activity sheet, a sheet that should feature only your most significant extracurricular activities.

Jim: And it is highly unlikely that I devoted 63 hours each week to football as that simply does not add up and my biceps would be way bigger. And 63 hours, 7 days a week is 9 hours per day! If school goes from, say 8 to 3 on weekdays, there simply are not enough hours in the day to play that much football not to mention do homework and sleep. Everyone sleeps. So you can’t pretend you’re doing activities when you’re really
sleeping. Plus, I also put down that I do volunteer work for several hours each weekend. Never lie on a college application. Admissions counselors will see right through it anyway.

Zoe: To learn more about navigating the activity sheet, visit Ivy Coach at www.TheIvyCoach.com.

Jim: That’s www.TheIvyCoach.com.