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Harvard College Admissions

May 7, 2012


  1. can i have the list of students who were given sat training by Ivy Coach and got admitted into ivy league colleges…?

    • Hi Priya,

      You must be kidding.

      The confidentiality of our students is a top priority of ours. If your daughter worked with us, would you want everyone to know? Likely not.

      But feel free to peruse our testimonials page. There are real names there. They area searchable people. Then, peruse the websites of every other college admissions consulting and testing company. See if they use full names or if they write things such as: “John, Parent of Member of Harvard Class of 2018.” Do you know how many Johns are in each Harvard class? That means nothing.

      We don’t ask students and parents for testimonials because we value their privacy. But a few have asked to have testimonials on our site over the years and those are up.

  2. Hello, do you offer “International Coaching”? I’m a Junior from Mexico who is really interested on entering Harvard, what is my first step?

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